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"Gina is an incredible coach. her clients love their time with her because of her patient, compassionate nature, and her thorough understanding of how our human experience works allows her to support people in a very deep way.  I would send my friends and family to Gina any day of the week!" - Dr. Amy Johnson

About Me


I am a certified Change Coach trained by Dr. Amy Johnson.  This means I can help you make change in your life without willpower or strategies. 


I struggled with compulsive eating for many years. I thought if I could get the food thing handled I'd be calm and confident 24/7.

I also struggled with money. My story was if I had no debt and lots of money in the bank, I would be anxiety free. 

I Innocently believed that the outside circumstances of my life created my experience and I exhausted myself trying to change them (and sometimes my husband....he wasn't a fan of this strategy.)

I have learned that we experience our thoughts, not our circumstances. We are more of a projector than a camera.  This is powerful.  We can be free always... even when we are caught up in our old stories and narrations. 


Peaceful inner space is available to you, it is already here. It is just that we pay a lot of attention to our brain's chatter. Of course! We innocently take our own thoughts very personally. 


In our conversations we will explore together some fundamental truths about all human experience. We will talk about the brain and its purpose and limitations, and how you can utilize this knowledge to make desired change a reality. The brain is a great tool and by understanding it, we can manage it wisely. Many of my clients have found so much spaciousness by understanding, not necessarily changing.


And we also explore who we are when we are not caught up in our habitual thought patterns. This is where the journey expands and enlivens. I also kind of think this is what we are longing for with the skinny jeans and fat bank account.

"Gina is one of the most authentically helpful, curious and loving practitioners I have ever worked with.  She has a rich background of experience, training and skill that she draws on instinctively to help you." Chris B.