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"Gina is an incredible coach. her clients love their time with her because of her patient, compassionate nature, and her thorough understanding of how our human experience works allows her to support people in a very deep way.  I would send my friends and family to Gina any day of the week!" - Dr. Amy Johnson

About Me


I am a certified Change Coach trained by Dr. Amy Johnson.  This means I can help you make change in your life by deeply understanding yourself (and all humans) rather than willpower or strategies. 

Before I came to this understanding, I struggled with self-criticism and self-judgment for as long as I can remember.  It was baffling how cruel I was to myself, I wouldn't speak to another living being in the manner I routinely spoke to myself. 


As we do, I tried to change my internal world with external achievements, relationships, or possessions in hopes of finding peace. When that didn't work I numbed the pain and anxiety with substances, primarily food...generating more criticism, tension, and confusion. 

What I have come to see is the criticism and judgment was my brain's way of trying to find safety.  I belittled and dismissed myself before anyone else could.  Our brains are wired for survival and sometimes go too far in their drive for certainty. It was a habit developed when I was a  young girl growing up in a tension-filled home. I thought I was insecure and didn't like myself because of my insecure and self-critical thinking.  What a relief to find out WE ARE NOT OUR THOUGHTS. No matter how long we have unintentionally practiced a habit, it still doesn't make you the habit. I hope you can feel a little more space just hearing these words. 

When we understand how our brains work, we can develop a healthy, light-hearted, spacious relationship with it. In this understanding, we can quit fighting our thoughts or trying to change them, opening the door to our own heart.  This is where I truly found self-compassion, peace, and the acceptance I was longing for.  

Our pain and tension is there to tell us we are not telling ourselves the truth, not that there is anything wrong with us. 

I meet my clients right where they are.  There is no agenda other than discovering their own heart so that they can live a freer, more spacious life.  If you would like to have a free half-hour chat with me, please schedule a session below. 

"Gina is one of the most authentically helpful, curious and loving practitioners I have ever worked with.  She has a rich background of experience, training and skill that she draws on instinctively to help you." Chris B. 

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